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New Release!

The Rod of Astagoth
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Changing the publishing world.

The world of books is rapidly changing, and the publishing world is evolving to meet these changes. At Eltanin, we believe these changes can all be for the better. Our publishing house was established by writers and readers who see new possibilities in empowering authors to improve, distribute, and promote their own work. Eltanin is dedicated to assisting writers navigate the ins and outs of digital and print-on-demand publishing. If you are an author who would like to explore what we can do for you, please check out our Submissions page.

Eltanin is also dedicated to delivering quality products to readers. The Eltanin imprint guarantees that the book has been professionally copy-edited and is formatted for all e-readers and digital devices. Our seal can help readers cut through the millions of self-published ebooks and find reliable quality in writing. And when a reader purchases an Eltanin book, they know the author has been fairly compensated for their work. Please check out the Our Books page to explore our current and soon-to-be-released books - including a free book for a limited time.

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