About Us

Eltanin Publishing was started by editors and writers who share a vision of changing the publishing world for the better.  At Eltanin, we adhere to the belief that money should always flow to the writer, and we take this a step further by ensuring 85% of the revenue from our books goes back to our authors. 

We promise to deliver professional services and quality books at no cost to the writer.  

We also know our readers are connected in ways that have barely begun to be realized by most writers.  We love helping an author find ways to connect to his or her readers through new and innovative technologies and social media platforms, especially if the writer's work is, itself, innovative and represents a new voice. 

We have editors with professional experience across many genres.  Let us know what you need, and we can work together to bring your voice to the world.

Our Mission

Why we do what we do…

We believe that the world of writing and publishing can change for the better.

Publishers have traditionally played the role of gatekeepers and arbiters, providing standards in literature but limited by the constraints of printing, binding, transporting, and securing shelf-space in bookstores. The advent of ebooks, print-on-demand, and networked technology provides every author the tools necessary for publishing and connecting to readers.

But literary standards often fall to the wayside. The seemingly endless selection of self-published books overwhelms readers, with only unreliable sales numbers and anonymous reviews to guide readers in their choices.

Eltanin was started by writers and readers who understand that a new kind of publishing house could nurture quality writing and be a bridge—not a gateway—between authors and readers. Eltanin provides a new model in publishing that is focused on providing answers and assistance to authors, while maintaining a standard of quality assurance for readers.

Our commitment starts with a Bill of Rights for both authors and readers:

Authors' Bill of Rights

We believe that both authors and readers are not being adequately served by the outdated dichotomy of traditional publishing and self-publishing. We believe there can be a new model with all the benefits of self-publishing and all the services of working with a publisher.

To our Eltanin authors, we promise:
  • You will maintain creative control of your work, from start to finish.
  • You will receive, at a minimum, 85% of the royalties you earn above those distribution costs not associated with Eltanin.
  • You will never be barred from publication. If your work does not meet copy-editing standards for the Eltanin imprint, our copy editors will give you specific feedback and invite you to submit again.

Readers Bill of Rights

We promise to you, dear reader:

All ebooks purchased from Eltanin Publishing will be:
  • Competitively priced
  • Formatted for your e-reader
  • Copy-edited by dedicated professionals
Plus, you have the assurance that all Eltanin authors have been fairly compensated for their work and retain full creative control.